Undressing Music - First Edition

Endless hours of sheer entertainment for the most discerning music lover, Undressing Music will unfold Sri Lanka's best, from twilight's last gleaming to the first cracks of dawn.

What better way to change the page of a calendar? June 30th- 1st July, will feature 100 minutes of Mirage with Geoffrey Fernando of Purple Rain fame mesmerising all at Nawam Mawatha Open Arena with their inimitable style. Thereafter, the highly renowned tribal drum groups, three in all, will create a musical coalition as never heard before, with the cream of Sri Lanka's DJ's. Individual performances by these talented drummers will punctuate the most extravagant musical concert Colombo has ever seen.

Sound, lighting, stage design and special effects will anchor an evening that you will remember throughout your life. The very best in food and drink with alcohol and beer will energise you to savour every moment of this First Edition.