Dev Day 2014

Dev Day is an international software conference baring the theme “Accelerating Sri Lankan Software Professionalism”.With the sole aim of exposing Sri Lankan software professionals to the thought leaders of the global software engineering industry, we have made this conference a reality.

Why Dev Day?

There are four major reasons for organizing an international standard professional conference in Sri Lanka:

• We understand the need for Sri Lankan software professionals to experience a software engineering conference of an international standard

• Not many Sri Lankan speakers would receive an opportunity to bring their talents to the forefront beyond the local context and gain international recognition. Through Dev Day, we provide exposure to Sri Lankan subject matter experts to speak with international industrial leaders, this will help them to speak at major international conferences with confidence.During this conference, we will facilitate many networking sessions with international speakers.

• Such conferences help to change the mindset of our engineers from traditional software development to embrace innovation.

Dev Day 2014

Following the success of the first Dev Day conference, we would like to make it an even bigger event in 2014.



Linda Rising - Author, Consultant and Public Speaker- A thought leader in Agile. Look forward to her key note on design patterns in agile.

Stephen Carver - Lecturer, Consultant, and Public Speaker- ideal opportunity for you to learn about space shuttle failures! And how you can learn a lesson from that, to avoid costly mistakes.

Pete Deemer - Certified Scrum Master, Consultant, and Public Speaker- Meet one of the leaders who has worked with Distributed agile teams more than anyone!

Naresh Jain - Agile & Lean Coach and Consultant- Learn “agile” from one of the most experienced hands on techies.

Johannes Brodwall - Chief Scientist, Public Speaker- Don’t miss this chance to meet someone with a unique combination of technical know-how, marketing impact and inspirational leadership!

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